William Hill Live Streaming

Betting is like a tradition in many of the globes countries. One of those countries where betting is deeply embedded in the culture is Great Britain. They have a huge sports crowd for different sports and some of the biggest and oldest betting companies in the world started there. One of those companies is WILLIAM HILL. The roots of WILLIAM HILL can be traced back to 1930’s, but to last this long in the betting industry you must constantly evolve the brand and the customer experience.

In our days the grand majority of income for the betting companies is brought in by the online platforms that they manage. In the case of WILLIAM HILL is williamhill.com. But the most common disadvantage with betting platforms is the fact that you cannot experience directly the competition that you place an investment on. This is why we are still seeing a tremendous presence at Soccer Stadium, Race Tracks, Tennis Fields and so on. People still have the need to see the athletes perform. And if you want to agree or not, in the virtual space there wasn’t a way to do so, especially in the case of online betting platform.

But a few years back WILLIAM HILL introduces Live Streamed matches directly into the platform. Doing this it can replicate at the best of their ability the live experience, but without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. Well ok, until now all sounds wonderful, but how is the Live Streaming experience on WILLIAM HILL If you are asking yourself the question above or any other question related to Live Streaming on WILLIAM HILL you’re in the right place. In this review we’ll detail our experience with WILLIAM HILLS Live Betting and give your our conclusion at the end. Interested in our review? Come along to find more!

What are the main sport categories available for live streaming?

Considering the fact that not all the competitions in terms of sports benefit from a live coverage, is to be expected that the number of the available sports for live streaming is limited. This is not something solely seen on williamhill.com, but on many other betting websites, its normal affaire.

On WILLIAM HILL Live Streaming section you can find sports like

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Greyhounds Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball and so on.

The number of streams that are available in a day varies and can be affected by the weather conditions or other events. (as on any normal encounter, if the conditions outside are not favorable the match can be cancelled thus the stream won’t happen).

How is the streaming experience


Overall we are impressed with the live streaming experience and there are some tweaks that we don’t recall seeing on other platforms. To access the live section just click on the HWTV (abbreviation for William Hill TV) that is placed below the main menu or as an alternative, you can click on In-Play Betting and the matches that are live broadcasted will appear with a TV icon. As you may have noticed, underneath HWTV there is another option for Betting TV. Here are streamed live virtual sports like Horse Racing, Car Racing, Football or Racing. When you click on a match that is live broadcasted it will appear in the left side of the screen, and some useful stats regarding it in the right.

Also if you click the Commentary icon, i real time you will see live commentary of the competition. This is a nice addition that we don’t recall seeing on other betting websites. To place a bet you just have to scroll down and select the market on which you want to invest. WILLIAM HILL as you may or may not know is a betting exchange, this means that odds are influenced by the users, so there are plenty of odds variations to chose from. Next to the stream itself there is also a Court Map that shows contextual information based on the game and next to it there is a Radio button that streams only the commentary of the game. Radio can be useful if you are driving or cannot be focused on the video feed for some reason.

We tested the streams on mobile and Desktop browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari) and we didn’t found any issues with the stream. A simple and straightforward experience that is easy to comprehend. Another thing to mentions is the fact that some of the live broadcasts may have region limitations.

Live Streaming on WILLIAM HILL is free of charge?

Yes, live streaming on William Hill is free of charge for all users that have an active account. But in some cases you are requested to place a bet in order to watch the stream (Horse Racing Live Streaming requires you to place a bet of 1£ or more in order to be able to enjoy the live video feed). Also take note that some of the streams are limited by region limitation. More information about this inconvenience you can find in FAQ on williamhill.com website.

Does Live Streaming on WILLIAM HILL work on mobile devices?

Yes, we tested in different browsers on Android and iOS and all worked smooth without any weird behavior. But there is a shame to not see a mobile app.

Our conclusion for WILLIAM HILL Live Streaming service

In order to satisfy every customer’s needs you need to bring something new and engaging from time to time. Live Streaming on betting websites is a nice addition that can drastically improve your betting experience and also your results. WHTV makes no exception providing their users with a stellar live streaming experience with helpful stats right at you disposal. There is a small minus on the mobile site that they don’t offer a dedicated app, but that’s not a major concern. We advise you to give WHTV a try and see for yourself how one of the oldest online betting platforms performs.