There are many rogue operators out there, and making the right decision when registering with a gambling website and trust them with your money is something all players should consider carefully. BONUS.WIKI works and lists only trusted operators, but from time to time we also find a brand that is simply put to scam players and never pay their winnings. Below we have created a list of such brands that editors at Bonus.Wiki also tested after reports of scamming from our users.

blacklistedBelow operators are included on the BLACKLIST! We strongly advise staying away from such operators as they are reported to not pay out the players, lack transparency and proper gaming licenses, offer no guarantee whatsoever to users and tend to delay/reject cashouts behind unacceptable verification methods! If you continue registration with below brands, you do so at your own risk!!


How To Check Complaints?

To check the multitude of complaints raised against above brands, please visit Google and search for “OPERATOR complaints” or “OPERATOR scam”, where you change OPERATOR with the name of any of the above brands.

You will find an exhaustive list of search results where players have logged in their complaints against these brands, along with each user’s experiences. There are many community websites, ratings services and forums that list in detail all experiences and dodgy methods used by these operators to scam players of their money / winnings.

You should also stay away from those websites that promote these brands as they do not have the player’s interest at heart.