Betway Live Streaming

In the following years online betting comes a long way. From the simplest betting experience, now you have complex platforms that offer you tons of options in terms of betting. One of those platforms is Betway. Betway sportsbook is a relatively new platform in the online betting space, but it progressed at a very rapid pace. Today being one of the top 100 betting websites in the entire world. They managed to gather this crowd thanks to the approach taken in terms of users experience and user satisfaction.

Betway offers one of the best experiences there is, thanks to an updated website that respects the latest web standards and a secure ecosystem. But there is functionality on the website that is not that popular among some players, even though as stated above, it is really well optimized. We are talking about Sports Live Streaming.

Visit Betway Live Streaming

Sports Live Streaming is present on many betting websites, but it’s not that known about as you might think. There are many reasons for this, but in principle because is not that promoted or is a berried feature inside the website. This is not necessarily a negative thing, but is something to take in consideration. But let’s take a few minutes and analyze the Live Sports Streaming  experience on Betway. Come along with us in this short review and if you have any questions feel free to write them in the comment section below.

What sports are available for live streaming?


First of all you must know that effective number of available sports is limited, compared to pre match betting. This is not only encountered on Betway, but on all betting platforms. It’s a small inconvenience that you must came at peace with it. There are many technical limitations that come between the platform and the competitions in play, thus making it impossible to broadcast at every single event.

But we deviated; let’s get back to the main subject.

The main sports available for Live streaming are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volley
  • Golf
  • E-Sports

How is the Live Streaming Experience?

To access Live Streaming on Betway you have to click the In-Play button in the main menu, then you will see a list of sports aligned in the left side of the screen. Like on pre-match betting, click on competitions and the odds will appear on the screen. But in case on live streamed games you will see in the top part of the screen an icon with a Play button, clicking it in the right side of the screen will appear the stream. In the middle you will see a few relevant stats to the game and the odds are displayed below.


Although the betting process is the same, the betting experience is drastically improved thanks to the stream. Beside the stats displayed on the screen you can see in real time your team’s evolution and response, based on those observations it’s way easier to place a winning bet. We tested the streaming on three different browsers (Opera, Safari and Chrome) and on all it worked great. Overall we didn’t encounter any problems with it. It worked like a charm and did not cause any unexpected behavior (like lag, dropped frames or freezes of the stream).

Is BETWAY Live Streaming free?

Yes, somehow, let us explain. The streaming service itself is free, but you need to have a positive balance in your account in order to be able to enjoy it. This is a limitation, kinda, but why would you want to watch a live stream on a betting website if you’re not willing to bet, right?

BETWAY Live Streaming on mobile devices?

If you are not at a computer and really want to watch the game and place a bet, you can do it without any problems on a mobile device. It works great on Android and iOS. Betway has one of the best mobile optimized interfaces.

Conclusion: Does Live Streaming on BETWAY worth your time and money?

Nowadays being so many online betting platforms, it’s kinda hard to give the verdict which one is the best. In our opinion there is no online betting platform that we know of, to offer a perfect experience. Same goes for BETWAY, it’s not perfect, but it’s surely one of the best there is. The live streaming interface is very nicely put together by the development team, the streams work fine and it is available not only for computers but also for mobile devices. The number of sports in the section is not that impressive, but with time we are sure that’s going to change in good.

What you are waiting for? Create an account and start watching a few games! But remember to place your bet responsibly.