Unibet Live Streaming

unibetUNIBET is one of the largest betting platforms in the word. The company started the online betting website more than a decade ago and now we must say that is one of the best that is. Unibet actives in many countries and has a lot of sports types that are available for the end user to place bets on. The options available and the convenient odds makes the users come back to UNIBET and form a long term relationship with the website. But besides the betting platform that some of us know about, UNIBET offers another service that is somehow not that well known. What is it you may ask?!

Of course we are talking about Live Streaming at UNIBET. (the title gave it away, didn’t it?) Well the website implemented the streaming services a few years back and now it has a decent clientele that expands day by day. In the following minutes will talk about the streaming service overall, what does it offer, general information for the end user (technical requirements or limitations) and our conclusion. Let the review begin! In order to access the streaming service you just need to click on Sports and then on Live Betting. At first you won’t see the live streams, but after a closer inspection, some of the matches that are taking place have a U TV badge (that stands for Unibet TV). After clicking it in the right side of the screen the stream will appear.

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What types of competitions are available for streaming

The sports that are available for live betting are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • E-Sports
  • Golf

How is the streaming experience overall?


The streaming look and feel (the interface) is being the same for each sport, we’ll define the experience in general so you will faster navigate the material. One if he biggest inconvenience in for our standpoint, is the fact the there is no dedicated button to see all the current Live Stream matches. But it’s not a deal breaker by any means. After entering the Live section from the menu, as stated above, the games that have an available live stream will show the U Tv icon. After clicking it, on the middle you will see some odds for the game and the stream is placed on the right side of the screen. What is nice, besides the fact that the streaming box is non intrusive at all which we kinda actually like it this way, is the fact that there are a lot of available statistics around the video feed.

More precisely, right on the live feed there is a field button, a graph and some dots. When you click on the field icon you will see which team has the possession, when you click on the stats if gives you a few useful shortcuts that can impact your decision making in terms of betting. More exactly we are talking about: attacks, dangerous attacks, shots on target and shorts off target. With afferent numbers for each team. Only with those numbers alone you can see the overall progress of the team. The dots (circles) icon overlays a heat map on the screen! This is incredible and gives you the ability to see right away which team has the dominating power in the game.

Besides those three options on the live feed box, also below are the events in a chronological order. If you entered the live feed late, here you can see a summary of the players evolution (number of corners, yellow card, red cards and so on). Overall a pretty solid experience! We don’t have anything bad to say in regards to it. The interface is nicely laid out and empowers the payer with a large selection of metrics that might help in placing a bet.

Live streaming on UNIBET is free?

Live streaming on betting websites is not as common as you might think. This is a trend that started to appear a few years back and the effective rate of adoption is relatively steady. And as of now only the major players in the online betting space offer it, but besides being something new and pretty complicated to maintain, UNIBET decides to make it available for free. Yes, you read that correctly! Live Streaming on UNIBET is free of charge and any player with an active account and a bet placed in the last 24H can watch any games available in the stream. The streams are provided directly by UNIBET and they work on all Desktop browsers.

Live streaming from UNIBET works on mobile devices?

Another affirmative answers! UNIBET Live Sports Streaming is available on Android and iOS with the help of an app that you can download directly from the website. The interface is pretty easy to get along on and the streaming quality is great. You can enjoy directly from your mobile devices more than 40.000 live streams a year and control some of the app functionality directly from an Apple Watch.

Conclusion: does UNIBET Live Streaming worth your time?

It’s starting to become a trend in this articles: yes, it does. UNIBET managed to implement one of the best live streaming experiences we have ever seen. The live feed is non intrusive, a lot of statistics are available right at your fingertips and the bets can be placed in a matter of seconds. Besides that, the streaming service is available for free.

We recommend UNIBET Live Streaming to give it a try.